New male contraception

Many users of contraception ask for an alternative to existing forms e.g. condom, birth control pills or sterilisation by surgery. VasDeBlock (under development) is the alternative male contraception method that is non-surgical, hormone-free, easily reversible and far more practical than condoms.

VasDeBlock devices inserted to vasa deferentia vas


The new male contraception method is an alternative to traditional sterilisation by surgery which 2-5 million men (procedure called vasectomy) and 6-10 million women (procedure called tubal ligation) in developed regions undergo yearly. 

The solution will be marketed as a medical device and offers the big advantage that fertility may quite easily be restablished. 
The solution has patent pending.

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The company is right now in a phase where the focus is on developing prototypes and conduct in-vivo testing to prove the concept. In this regard, VasDeBlock medical ApS is looking for financing from sources willing to contribute to the next steps. Financing may be in the form of grants, loans or direct investment in the company.

We thank Låneforeningen af tjenestemænd i Københavns Kommune as well as Alexander Foss' Industrifond for their donations.

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Surveys show that couples around the world look for modern alternatives to the traditional types of contraception.

We are investigating the level of interest for the new male contraception method compared ​to traditional sterilisation and will appreciate your input!

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