VasDeBlock is long-acting male contraception under development. The new method will not involve surgery nor hold hormones yet will be easily reversible. The solution is an alternative to traditional male sterilisation and controversial hormonal contraception. It will not prevent STDs.

Q: How is VasDeBlock different from vasectomy?
A: In contrast to vasectomy which is intended to be a permanent form of contraception VasDeBlock is a long-acting solution that allows for fertility to be restablished and does not involve surgery.

Q: What's the procedure of VasDeBlock?
A: Using a slim scope, a specialized doctor will insert two small VasDeBlock devices to vas deferens to block sperm cells from reaching the ejaculate. Most likely a 10-15 minute procedure.

Q: Will it work right away?
A: No. Another form of contraception is required until vas occlusion is confirmed by semen analysis (typically after 8-14 weeks).

Q: Will I still ejaculate?
A: Yes. You will ejaculate as always - just without sperm cells which will degrade and be naturally absorbed.

Q: How can fertility be restablished?
A: When the VasDeBlock devices are extracted, your sperm cells will no longer be blocked from reaching the ejaculate.

Q: Will the procedure hurt?
A: You may experience a little discomfort when the slim scope enters urethra and a mild burning when urinating the first few days after the procedure.


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